High-Tech-Surface Treatments

Here you can obtain the best technique and the best material, individually selected for all applications and for every surface, including solutions for any problems.

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Modification of surfaces for different functions:

  • Wear protection (with ceramic hardcoating)
  • Corrosion protection (with chemically resistant layers / materials)
Wear protection
The final effect of coating is the increase and enhancement of service life and life performance of tools and machine parts bys multiple factor.

Corrosion protection

The optimal coating and surface treatment ensures and enhances quality and function of several components and product parts with a long term stability.

  • Best-Surface gives you thick and / or thin layers as well
  • we offer consulting, analysis and solutions to problems
  • we build coating equipment at specially high standards
  • we develop specific high performance surface treatment processes
  • we give you the optimised surface for many applications
  • experienced specialists inform and advise you about the latest state of the art
  • we offer training and supply qualified personal